Action 4 Liberty Presents Howard Root

Action 4 Liberty is proud to bring Howard Root to the stage to talk about his fight against the federal government. Howard was the CEO of Vascular Solutions and was targeted by the Justice Dept on a witch hunt mission for mid-sized medical device companies over horribly written and abusive laws. The company beat the feds in court and Howard details the story that plaqued his life for years in his new book Cardiac Arrest.

Also, local radio talk show host and friend of Action 4 Liberty, Walter Hudson will be on stage to talk about his show on AM 1130 called Closing Arguments.

This event is free for members of Action 4 Liberty. $5 for non-members. Annual membership is $35 and comes with a subscription to the Common Sense magazine.

WHEN: Thursday, May 25th – Doors open at 6:00 pm

WHERE: The Mermaid, 2200 County Hwy 10, Mounds View, MN

3 thoughts on “Action 4 Liberty Presents Howard Root

  • Mr Root will you be giving another talk in the near future at the Mermaid? I as an active GOP member would like to learn what we as Republican can do to remove Amy and Al from the Senate and how we as an active party change the role of the Justice Department under the Trump administration to actually obtain Justice for all “persons” real and corporate in the USA. What they did to you and Vascular Solutions was criminal. Coercing prejury via threats is not Justice as I define it.

    As I noted in my note, I think your were persecuted as much as Socrates was in Ancient Greece.

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