Can You Read This?

The above spreadsheet details the amounts of the Governor’s, Republican House’s and Republican Senate’s budgetary targets as we enter final negotiations for the upcoming biennium budget. Do you understand it? Here’s what you need to know. Current state spending in Minnesota is about $42 Billion. Republicans and Governor Dayton all think government should grow by[…]

ObamaCare Lite

You Promised to Repeal ObamaCare! Republicans have made one simple promise to the American people since 2010 and that was if voters elect a Republican majority in Congress and a Republican President, they will repeal ObamaCare. Unfortunately, after two months in full control of Washington, the best the GOP can come up with is a[…]

Think Twice about REAL ID

By Dave Benner, author of Compact of the Republic Many opponents of REAL ID have forecasted doomsday scenarios that are to befall states that align against the law’s implementation. Most arguments seem to revolve around the idea that the federal government will initiate a crackdown if states refuse to comply, and double-down on enforcement if states[…]