Dayton’s Outrageous Budget Proposal

After growing state government by 38% in the last 6 years, Mark Dayton is at it again; this time with a proposal to grow government by another 10% and add nearly $2 Billion in debt. A day after making headlines for fainting at the podium, Governor Dayton announced his administrations proposed biennium budget that would grow spending from $41.5 Billion to $45.8 Billion. This massive government growth would erode away most of the projected budget surplus, money that is owed back to Minnesota taxpayers.

In November, the State Economist forecasted $5 Billion in surplus funds for the upcoming biennium if state spending froze and the legislature returned part of the massive reserve funds to taxpayers. Dayton’s plan is to spend nearly every penny of that $5 Billion. In his eyes, money is better in the hands of government than in the hands of Minnesota families and businesses.

Up next are the House Republican and Senate Republican budget proposals. Budget forecasts project $46 Billion in revenue for the upcoming biennium. The further spending numbers are from that amount, the greater the tax cut that can be given back to taxpayers.

Action 4 Liberty calls upon Republicans in the legislature to keep their campaign promises and stop growing government by passing the $5 Billion tax cut plan.

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