Where MN Republicans Stand on the ObamaCare Fake Repeal

When Obama was in office and Republicans controlled the U.S. Senate and House, there were 60 different times where a version of an ObamaCare repeal was sent to Obama’s desk. Now with complete control of the federal government, there is no excuse why the central campaign promise of 2016 can’t be done.

Unfortunately, Republicans in Washington are betraying us with their new fake repeal bill entitled American Health Care Act. This bill keeps the infrastructure of ObamaCare intact, leaving the vast majority of insurance cost drivers in place. When Democrats were in charge, things like mandating coverage for pre-existing conditions was argued as bad economically and unconstitutional. But the GOP plan keeps that and many other mandates in the new piece of legislation.

The bill does repeal many of the ObamaCare taxes (good) and gets rid of the individual mandate (also good), but suggests insurance companies charge a 30% premium for individuals who let policies lapse. Even worse, instead of direct subsidies through “marketplace” exchanges, the new bill offers refundable tax credits that allow individuals with no tax liability to get more money back. Karl Marx would be so proud!

Listen to our podcast about the bill with Twila Brase of Citizens Council for Health Freedom.

The fate of the new bill is uncertain as Senators like Rand Paul and Mike Lee have publicly stated their opposition, along with several members of the House Freedom Caucus. Action 4 Liberty’s stance is that this bill should be rejected and a clean repeal of ObamaCare should be introduced and voted on in the Congress.

Where do the Republican Congressmen in Minnesota stand on this bill? We’ve reached out to the office of the Minnesota delegation and here’s what we’ve found:

Rep Jason Lewis (CD-2) –  States he “supports this first step” (Facebook post)

Rep Erik Paulsen (CD-3) – Supports the bill Star Tribune

Rep Tom Emmer (CD-6) – Supports the bill Star Tribune

Update on March 10th, 2017 at 8:03 am


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