Republicans Can Put $1000 in Your Pocket

The cost of living always seems to be going up. So how does it sound to have an extra thousand bucks in your pocket come tax time? This could be a reality if Republicans in St Paul simply freeze spending and pass the $5 Billion Tax Cut Plan.

Back in January, we reported that if Republicans at the State Capitol simply froze spending at current levels, they would be able to pass a $5 Billion tax cut to help grow and expand Minnesota’s economy. Today, the state economist released the February forecast which shows that the same conditions still apply. In fact, the state is projected to take in an additional $300 Million in revenue in the upcoming biennium.

Although the media and legislators talk about a $1.65 Billion surplus, the truth is that the amount of money we are being overtaxed is far greater. The above figure assumes government grows by 7%. But Republicans who campaign on less government and more tax cuts just won the majority. It’s time to pass a massive tax cut!

Here’s how the math works:

Contact your legislator today and tell them to pass the $5 Billion Tax Cut plan.


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