Senate GOP Wants Gov’t to Grow by 9%

It’s a budget year in Minnesota and the politicians at the Capitol are busy finding ways to spend your money. The way the process works in our state is that the Governor delivers a budget proposal to the legislature in January. Then the state economist produces a February forecast that estimates revenues and expenditures for the upcoming biennium. In March, the Senate and House produce their budget targets and tax proposals. And for the following month and a half, the legislature and Governor negotiate a final deal.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that liberal Governor Mark Dayton’s proposal in January had a massive increase to state spending and almost no tax cuts for hardworking taxpayers.

Action 4 Liberty used the figures of the state economists’ February Forecast and suggested that the Republicans in control of the House and Senate should freeze state spending so they can pass an enormous $5 Billion tax cut.

If the state budget looked like a football field, the red endzone would be all the available resources government has to spend while the blue end zone would represent a spending freeze at current spending levels. If you start at the blue end zone, there’s $5 Billion that can be written as a massive tax cut to taxpayers in Minnesota that would help expand our economy and stop government’s growth. As you approach the red end zone, the amount of money available for a tax cut decreases.

Mark Dayton is currently on the goaline of the red end zone.

Action 4 Liberty suggested to the Republicans they should start in the blue end zone. Unfortunately, on Thursday, Senate Republicans held a press conference to promote their tax cut package. They only want to give a measly $900 Million tax cut, which means they want to grow government by 9%.

This is where Senate Republicans are starting their negotiations with the most liberal Governor in Minnesota’s history. Care to guess how this will end?


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